Friday, January 7, 2011

07 - 10 Recap

My wardrobes went through the mother of all winter-clean-ups during the week and I dug these out this morning. I thought these guys were trashed a few months back, so it was a bit of a surprise. They were all initially drawn in pencil then traced over in a regular black ballpoint Bic pen (the ignoramus' tool of the trade, many, many light-years before UniPins were discovered) and some of them go back to 07... never thought I'd see the originals again! These scans were in no way edited whatsoever (I wont lie... they were cropped, shh)

Felecia from Darkstalkers. My version looks absolutely stupid compared to the reference...

Huhu's original (click here for complete)

Don't you even dare laugh. Text removed in the edit (here) for obvious reasons.

The baby version of my, er, baby (click here)... I think this was the very first proper sketch. Didn't think I'd ever see this again!

Obviously got sidetracked...!

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