Monday, May 23, 2011

Danleo @ KTContemporary

After running around in circles for almost a week I finally made it to Danleo's exhibition hosted at KTContemporary (the eye-melting bright orange building on Donnybrook Rd).

Fortunately photos were allowed to be taken! Huzzah!

Painting from the exhibition advertisement. Huge!

I have my sights on the Shiva painting! Lotto numbers, come to me...
The tree stumps and lightning clouds were painted onto the wall while the crane in the foreground was cut out of wood and popped out from the wall.

There was a little selection of 'layered' paintings-- layers of wood painted and placed into a deep frame and covered with glass. A cool change to just paintings was that there was even a clock in the shape of a birdhouse on exhibit. About 20~ pieces in total and a giant wall mural hiding behind the corner. Nice to see these paintings in person rather than online. Very kooky!


  1. Cheers for letting me know about this,went last Friday...crazy style! Just my cup of primordial ooze.

  2. Not a prob! Small but cool though, huh? Hope you picked up some of the bright pink stickers... suit you sir.