Thursday, November 24, 2011

Black metal Christmas cards ***BCFE CARD SALE. Help us raise money for end of year exhibition!***

On Wednesday the 14th of December, us AIH2 students will be in the arts block selling Christmas cards from 9am until 3-4pm. There will be around 100 cards on sale at €3 each and all money goes towards paying for our end-of-year exhibition!

Here's my set 1 of 3!

Envelope not suitable for postage... but... fancy!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"Never Born, Never Died, Just Visiting"

Imaginative & Conceptual Illustration assignment based on the Happy Journey project-- choose an epitaph, base your coffin on it, and voila! I chose a famous Osho quote (post title) which, to me, reeked of outer-space and the Hindu religion.

90% complete!

To give the coffin a bit of 'oomph', I made most of it pop-out by placing squares of card of different thickness under the mandala and alien. And as a nice little break from doing everything on openCanvas, I coloured everything with Promarkers (courtesy of Ben! Thanks!)

A little inspiration also came in the form of this song by Cynic-- transition of an 'alien/spirit' from earth to outer space. I feel it fit the project perfectly--
"Box up my bones, I'm coming home" !