Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mandala blueprints

Adobe Illustrator CS3

Friday, October 25, 2013


Aaand I'm back! There was an issue with Blogger the last few times I tried to update, so I'm going to seize the moment now while I can.

All has been quiet in the Ghetto Bento world this summer, however I did manage to exhibit at the International Cartoon Festival held in Cootehill! I met lots of super cool cartoonists, some of who invited me to join them in the caricature tent - my first live caricaturing gig.

Do check out some of the guys who came over for the festival:
Hunt Emerson
Jon Berkeley
Eamon Cooney
Graeme Keyes
Tim Nightingale

As for other pretend productivity, I was commissioned by DCU to create a face for the university's Psychological Society, which can be found over on their Facebook page.

Apart from that, I took a notion to make a quick, fun invitation idea on Adobe Illustrator - welcome bacon & cheese sandwich invite! I'd love to eventually get a prototype printed out...