Thursday, May 7, 2015

A big personal step and a transferable 'portfolio'

Being an illustrator it's always a good idea to carry some of your work around with you should anyone ever be interested. I've had the idea of getting a big tattoo on my left arm for years and previously came up with this design - so why not get two birds with one stone? I could never find a draft or blueprint of a Kali tattoo I liked so I decided to try to design my own.

The tattooed version is actually the third version of this drawing with some small edits in the legs, hair, arms and jewellery (which can be seen in the original outlines above) - Wally at Urban Gorilla Tattoos, Sligo, kindly spent time working out a good way to place the legs while staying with the tradition of Kali's pose - and done a great job with the new design idea and the execution!

Long time, folks! A rundown of what has been happening

To anyone who still follows this blog - please forgive the huge gap in posts!

I've taken a break from freelance and general illustration (digital and traditional) since my laptop has been on the blink and I've simply had no time. However an experience has freed me up for the foreseeable future and with a brand spankin' new laptop on the horizon and a change of scenery - I should be back soon!

I have, however, been busy over Christmas and prior to the holidays, so here are some small pieces:

 A quick, simple header for the IllEagles rally poster (traditional skulls, digital font)

 A Christmas caricature gift - the dude!

 Sligo's own Swagman - Dale from the Swagman Bar, Wine Street. Done as a simple gift.
A birthday caricature
I'm pretty happy with how this piece turned out - strict directions actually brought out something I'm proud of that isn't different from what I do!