Sunday, April 10, 2011

Alphabet Spreads

Facebook VS college work... the greatest battle ever fought?

Recap: Each person in our class was assigned two letters from the alphabet and it is our mission to draw a spread for each letter (mine being M and O). Our tutor has it in her mind that after all spreads are collected and grouped they will hopefully be turned into a book, but as there are only 11 people in our course we were a few letters short so I took on another (the letter U) to fill it up a bit (as did another coursemate and tutor dearest herself)

Above is one of the drawings for the letter O-- the letter needs to be visible on the page (the O being one of the tentacles to the left) and the grid underneath the blue paper shows where the letter goes (a choice of top left or bottom right) and the dimensions of the drawing.

The final piece needs to be collage, and an awesome coursemate helped me out by allowing me to use some of her ocean life and aquarium photos (:

Final 3 pieces!