Sunday, February 21, 2016

Creative dump

After a dryspell, I've somehow managed to mindlessly make a lot more stuff lately! Here are some:

Two burnt-out candles had a lot of excess wax left over, so I melted them down and turned one into a mug candle (mug 10c from charity shop). The wick was made out of generic cotton twine dipped in wax, and the ouija board transfer was a design printed backwards onto normal paper and transferred very carefully with PVA glue. I had a very small amount of Dylon Image Maker left over so I transferred another ouija design onto a spare candle.

A clock based on Monty Python's Ministry of Silly Walks! The instructions and template can be found on this tutorial. I half-arsed improvised this with an old canvas and a lot of boredom. I must have ran around seven different shops to find a clock mechanism to get the ball rolling, and unfortunately the first two sets of legs wouldn't work with the clock hands! I ended up alternating the legs for paper-thin print outs covered in PVA glue for a little strength. Though the legs have a mind of their own when it comes to curling, the clock is still readable!

I'd originally planned for this Super Meat Boy to be a coaster for mugs, but the giftee suggested turning it into a magnet since he never uses coasters. I ended up making a 3D version of this which I totally forgot to take a photo of... Though I'll probably update it on the Ghetto Bento Facebook page someday soon.

And finally, a sleepless night resulted in ripping off Ken Wong's By Moonlight illustration with cheap colouring pencils.

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