Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kensington Palace (3 of 14)

(Post unrelated to the Queens visit... just odd timing!)

For one module last year we created a book based on Kensington Palace; illustrate it, write it and bind it... basically make a book from scratch. Unfortunately time got the better of me and I didn't have the resources to get good paper so had no other choice but to stick with inkjet paper (explaining why you can see the illustration from the next page behind the text) and a bit of bad luck binding (it tore a bit).
For the creation of the whole book I had the mental image of a book from childhood called 'Fluffy the Unicorn'... very plain and very avant-garde, and now that I am older I realize it was disgustingly full of innuendos, even though it was aimed at children. Something about a unicorn being kidnapped and then escaping... how enlightening! However, this was about 10 years ago and I can't remember the author, so if ANY of this sounds familiar to you please drop a comment as I've been looking everywhere for this series of books for the past few years!
I am determined to recreate this book this summer, but in better quality! (Poetry done with a LOT of help from Alex Chavanne-- kudos good sir!)

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