Sunday, May 15, 2011

Paper Jam @ The Atrium

The second year Illustration, Graphic Design and Fibre Art students hosted their graduate show at The Atrium in Temple Bar last night. A good show-out (so good that the entire four stories of the building were almost impossible to move in), some freebies, cool people and a nice atmosphere! It was nice to finally get to properly see what the second years had been getting up to as well as a nice look at what the other two courses were doing. I made sure to be a detective and find out what the AIH2 work is like so I'm mentally prepared :D

Vertigo much?

Some stuff I nabbed from the exhibition (alongside the free wine!). The 'zine (top left) is produced by AIH2 students, displaying comics and prints that were done throughout the year. I grabbed a few business cards (to add to the ridiculously huge collection I already have) from some of the AIH and Graphic Design peoples' sections, some smaller versions of prints the Graphic Design students made and other cool postcards.