Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Recap through EXILL

Cleansing the laptops overused file folders and came across some old stuff! I don't recall posting this before and it was one of the main submissions for the Cook Book assignment. Ta-Dah indeed.

The icon assignment-- choose one thing and draw it over and over until your brain starts seeping puss. I prefer this one to the colour one (previously posted). I want to fix the waves, for they agonize my corneas. Sigh.

And good old Alphabet Spreads. I LOVED this assignment. We were only assigned two letters to do a drawing for but I took on a third and this was the result! I literally just finished fixing this up on openCanvas-- the scan left it was a big gap between two halves of the drawing (this is A3, scanner is A4.. I'm poor) and I fixed the ellipse on the urchin :D

ProMarkers <333333

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