Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Illustrators Eve @ Easons

On Thursday (19th) a coursemate and I went along for the Illustrators Evening in Easons, featuring David Melling, Niamh Sharkey, Chris Judge and Chris Haughton.

David went up first and he gave a nice professional presentation, then taught us how to draw one of his characters in stick-man style, line by line (as did each illustrator after their presentation). David's character was a goblin from one of his books.

No Eoghan!!! You're doing it WRONG!!

Chris Judge (who previously guest lectured us for a class) explaining his The Lonely Beast storybook and illustrations.

A little mix-up though... the audience wasn't made up of children as the illustrators (or staff?) expected. A whole two hours of older people drawing cartoon characters and stick men the same way 6 year old's would be taught... priceless!

So cute!

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